Hut owner Corina Iosif -  phone+40745319766, e-mail:corina.iosif@gmail.com
Corina is not able to read and answer to your email during the Summer seson, June- November.
The persons at Turnuri hut are mrs. Avarvarei Angela – 004.0734.375882 and mr. Avarvarei Florin 004.0752.599211 si 004.0721.052128

Price on 2012- 30 lei/person, approx 7 Euro/person.
You can buy beer, soups, tea, soft drinks and different type of food.

Location: on the eastern bank of Podragului Valley, on the small terrace of the ice towers Podragului, upper limit of spruce forest.

Altitude: 1520 m.


Description and equipment. It is a wooden building and partly of stone covered with tin. It comprises a large room used as both the bedroom and the living room and a room for Cabanier warehouse.

Accommodation capacity: 20 beds.

Heating: wood in the tiled stove.

Lighting: electricity from the generator with gasoline and candles.

Accessibility. Destination chalet is intermediate housing on the route between the city and Victoria Podragu cabin, which in winter can not come, usually in a single day. As such, access to the hut is made of Catunul Sumerna or city Victoria and the cottage Podragu. Summer cottage is accessible directly from the city on route Victoria City Victoria – The Sipot – Cabana Turnuri.

Although most tourist map out Cabana Arpas (Front Forest) should keep in mind that this information is wrong, Cabana Arpas being ruined!